Power Apps Alert/Notification Component

In this video you will learn how to create a Power Apps Component tp show an alert message in your Power App.

You can display the following four alert messages:

1) Confirmation

2) Error

3) Notification

4) Announcement

This component is straightforward to use with the following exposed properties:

1) Show Alert – Set the to conditional variable (true/false) , that will update when you like to display the alert.

2) Type: type of alert – Confirmation, Error, Notification, Announcement

3) Message: Alert message

4) Alert Location: top of the screen or bottom of the screen

5) Fill Color: Color them for each type of alert

6) Alert Duration: How long you like the alert to be visible

Download App: https://github.com/DeepakS22/DPowerApps/blob/master/Demo%20Alert%20APP.msapp

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