Microsoft SQL Connector for Power Apps and Power Automate #PowerApps #PowerAutomate #SQL

In this video , you will learn what is Microsoft SQL connector. How to create a new connection and use it in Power Apps and Power Automate.

You will also learn what Authentication type you should select to use Microsoft SQL Server securely with Power Apps.

A connection to SQL Server is created whenever you create an app using Power Apps connecting to SQL Server. When such apps are published and shared with others, both the app and the connection are deployed to those users. In other words, the app and the connection—both are visible to users the apps is shared with.

The following four connection authentication types can be used with SQL Server for Power Apps:

1) Azure AD Integrated(Explicit)

2) SQL Server Authentication(Implicit)

3) Windows Authentication(Implicit)

4) Windows Authentication (non-shared)(Explicit)

The authentication method used for such connections can be explicit or implicit.

We can also say such connection is shared explicitly or implicitly.

An explicitly shared connection means that the end user of the application must authenticate to SQL Server with their own explicit credentials. Usually this authentication happens behind the scenes as part of Azure Active Directory or Windows authentication handshake. The user doesn’t even notice when the authentication takes place.

An implicitly shared connection means that the user implicitly uses the credentials of the account that the app maker used to connect and authenticate to the data source during while creating the app. The end user’s credentials are not used to authenticate. Each time the end user runs the app, they’re using the credentials the author created the app with.

#PowerApps #PowerAutomate #SQL

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